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Recollections Zip Planner Flipthrough + Kikki-K Pen | RAK Gift from @my.happyplace_too

If you’re a member of the planner society or are an enthusiast in the planner world just like me, I’m sure you’ve heard about the zip planner from Recollections. They’re available on Michael’s stores and they’re quite affordable compared to the Filofax or Kikki-K planners.

However, since I’m from Indonesia, buying those stuffs from abroad sure costs me a lot, and I don’t want to spend too much money on planners, too. That’s why I got so excited when Ms. Ams from @my.happyplace_too on Instagram did a RAK on this planner. I got so surprised and even more excited when she announced that I’m the winner! ❤

So in today’s post, I will show you the Recollections zip planner that I got from her. Enjoy!

Recollections Zip Planner Flipthrough + Kikki-K Pen

The planner came in a box and plastic cover which were sealed on the sides. The box has some information related to the planner you’re getting, including the dividers and inserts inside it.

Opening up the box, you’ll find your pretty planner. I got the “Capture every moment” one, which has a beautiful gold foil on the words and the camera. Another reason why I’m so happy getting this planner is because of the words and the camera girl design. On the back side, you’ll find the same design, just without the gold foils.

The planner feels so soft and has a neat finish. The zip is also in a great condition. I don’t get any problem opening and closing the planner. This planner came with a gold zipper and 25 mm gold rings as well, and in my opinion, this makes the planner looks more gorgeous.

Recollections Zip Planner Flipthrough + Kikki-K Pen
The inserts that come along with the planner

With this zip planner, you also got monthly dividers and inserts. The inserts are divided by month, but they’re undated, so you have the flexibility to use it anytime of the year. In the front part of this planner, you got the owner information sheet and yearly important dates to remember. The rest are in the monthly sections. It got your monthly goals, monthly calendar, weekly calendars, and then a page for monthly recap and next month’s plan.

Recollections Zip Planner Flipthrough + Kikki-K Pen
The staple marks 😦

One thing that I’m sad about is that the planner got staple marks from the postal service 😦 It’s so unfortunate but I’m still very glad for having this planner!

Recollections Zip Planner Flipthrough + Kikki-K Pen
The Kikki-K pen

Along with the planner, Ms. Ams also gave me a Kikki-K pen that is as beautiful. It got a bigger tip than what I usually use but I guess it’s fine.

Once again, I want to thank you Ms. Ams for giving me these beautiful babies. Anyway, you should check her account out! She always have pretty planner and journal layouts and I have adore her ever since I got into the planner bandwagon.

I also made a flipthrough video of this planner flipthrough if you want to see it 😉

Until next time!





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