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New Year = New Resolutions?

Hello people! Happy new year (I know it’s like almost a week late but whatever. It’s still my first post in 2017, no? :p) I hope everyone is going to have a wonderful year in 2017 😉

As a person who never really celebrate a national or international holiday (well, I DO celebrate, but not in a super festive mood or have a party or so), having the habit to create a new goals and resolutions to start a new year is, in some point, pointless. And by that I don’t mean to say that it’s not important, no.

We are familiar with setting goals, resolutions, or promises on special dates. Usually on new year, birthday, or probably any other holiday. We tend to seek a new start on everything to get us motivated again. This is the same with a monthly goals, where we seek for a new month to start new and fresh. However, in my perspective, new year or other ‘special’ day is actually just another day. It is us, who make it special.

Have you ever noticed how you can get in such a good mood on your birthday? Or probably how jolly and festive you feel during December? I personally think that it’s a thing that can be (and probably should be) done everyday. Like, every day is actually a brand new start! It doesn’t have to be a new year, new month, or new age. Your start (and mine) can be now because as what the quotes said, “Every new day is a chance to change your life.” It doesn’t even have to be a new day, right? It can be a new hour, minute, or even second. It’s all based on how we see it.

New Year = New Resolutions?
I got the picture here

Your resolutions can start everywhere you are right now. There’s no need to start next week, next month, or even next year, just to find the right timing to start a thing. In fact, from what I’ve experienced, postponing an act might decrease the probability for us to do it. Like, as the time goes by, I tend to lose my spirit and focus on the thing that I planned on doing just because I don’t think it’s that important anymore. That’s when my laziness take over.

In fact, this is a habit that I need to stop doing. I realize that procrastinating gets me nowhere. It never got me to do the things I’m supposed to do. On the contrary, it’s pulling me away from it, which means, getting me away from the ‘ideal me’ that I want to be. Therefore, one of my words for 2017 is ‘DO’. For me, it’s a push button for me to just do it (no, I’m not promoting a brand LOL). Don’t plan too much and then cancel it all. JUST DO THE THINGS YOU NEED TO DO *shouting to myself*

Is anyone of you in the same boat as me? What’re the things you want to do (or undo)? I’d love to hear what’s yours are! If you don’t mind, of course. But whatever it is, I’m sure we can all reach our goals with commitment and consistence. Fighting!

Until next time 🙂





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