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[Review & Unboxing] Dotspaperie Planner Stickers

I’m back with another planner stickers review and unboxing! As I’ve shared earlier in my planner Instagram account @PaperPenPlan, I also did a sticker haul from a shop called Dotspaperie. So today I’m going to share with you the things that I bought and my thoughts about them.

Unboxing Video
Inside the package…

[Review & Unboxing] Dotspaperie Planner Stickers | My Dandelion Dreams

Aside from the stickers, we also have Dotspaperie’s business card that contains their shop and social media links, and also an invoice of the things that I bought.


[Review & Unboxing] Dotspaperie Planner Stickers | My Dandelion Dreams

These are the icon stickers that Dotspaperie has. In my personal opinion, I think they are very cute, though not all of the designs are functional. Several of them are, but not all of them. Some of them, for me, are more suitable for decorative purposes only, but are pretty difficult to use as a functional stickers. Like for example the glasses, coffee cup, and the tea cup stickers. Well, probably you’d like to schedule when to go to coffee shop or else, so it might work for you. But for me, I purchased them just because they’re too cute to resist.[Review & Unboxing] Dotspaperie Planner Stickers | My Dandelion Dreams

These are their Dorie stickers. Dorie is their icon or mascot, and Dotspaperie has several designs of her doing things. For me, these two are the only ones (two) that are relatable to my schedule.[Review & Unboxing] Dotspaperie Planner Stickers | My Dandelion Dreams

These are the sample sheets that they give me. As you can see, they have very pretty icon stickers and Dorie doodles.

[Review & Unboxing] Dotspaperie Planner Stickers | My Dandelion Dreams

Dotspaperie also got several printables you can purchase. I bought these hourly time strip stickers that also got checklist, birthday, saving, and bill due reminder. I haven’t print it out yet so I can’t show you what it looks like.

[Review & Unboxing] Dotspaperie Planner Stickers | My Dandelion Dreams

Once you’ve purchased their printables, they will send you an email with your files attached. You can also access those files in your account dashboard in their website. The printable files are available in A4 and Letter paper size.



The icon stickers are 12 cm x 6 cm with roughly 1 cm wide icons.

The Dorie stickers are 8 cm x 10 cm with roughly 1.5 cm wide icons.



I bought the matte finished stickers because they are thinner. I like thin stickers because they wouldn’t add too much bulk in my planner. However, I didn’t expect them to be THIS matte. I can say the finish is dead matte. If you like this kind of stickers, you might love it. I’d prefer a soft, satin-like shine like Paforopi’s stickers.

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[Review & Unboxing] Dotspaperie Planner Stickers | My Dandelion Dreams

What I noticed at first when I did the unboxing video is that almost all of the stickers are sticking one another. I’m not sure why, but probably it’s because of the cutting.

The cut lines are neat, but they feels rough and powdery. It won’t matter when you use it though. It’s just I don’t like the feel of touching the papers.

What I like about their planner sticker sheets is that they have a tiny code on the top left part. This way, it’ll be easier for us to know the code of the products that we want to repurchase.



The icon stickers are IDR 9,000 each, the Dorie are IDR 19,500 each, and the printables are IDR 10,000 for the single icons and IDR 19,000 each for the icon set.


In action

[Review & Unboxing] Dotspaperie Planner Stickers | My Dandelion Dreams

The cute stickers look pretty big compared to my tiny handwriting, as you can see in the picture. But I still think they can be functional.

So that’s all of my thought about Dotspaperie planner stickers. If you are interested in their products, you can visit their shop (, Etsy store, and Instagram @dotspaperie. They also sell planner charm, magnetic page marker, and also washi tape.

What do you think about Dotspaperie’s stickers? Do you like them or not? Share your thoughts with me in the comment box below!





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