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[Review & Unboxing] Paforopi Planner Stickers

For those who have been following my planner Instagram account @PaperPenPlan, you might’ve known that I recently purchased some planner stickers from Paforopi. So today I will be sharing with you my opinion about these stickers.

Before we start the in depth review, I actually have the unboxing video of it if you want to see. In this video I also did a quick flip through all the products I purchased.

Okay, so going on to the review.

Inside the package…

[Review & Unboxing] Paforopi Planner Stickers

Inside the package, we have Paforopi’s business card, the invoice, and of course, the stickers that I bought. I really like that it comes with an invoice so I can easily check the details of my purchase.



[Review & Unboxing] Paforopi Planner Stickers | My Dandelion Dreams

I bought several of their icon sets, as you can see above. What I really like about Paforopi’s planner stickers is that they are very functional, not for decorative purposes only.

[Review & Unboxing] Paforopi Planner Stickers | My Dandelion Dreams

This is kind of my favorite one, because it has funny expression on it. I don’t really know what to use this for, but I just can’t miss it! (Do you understand my feeling? LOL)

[Review & Unboxing] Paforopi Planner Stickers | My Dandelion Dreams

These are their washi sticker set that they recently launched. They have 5 designs available: washi roll, cat, Ka’bah, city, and also cactus. I purchased the set and also 2 sheets of the cat and cactus ones because they’re too lovely 🙂

[Review & Unboxing] Paforopi Planner Stickers | My Dandelion Dreams

This is definitely my ULTIMATE favorite! I always fall in love so easily with doodle, especially cute one like this. I also like that the designs are very functional for me ❤

[Review & Unboxing] Paforopi Planner Stickers | My Dandelion Dreams

Last but not least, these are the sample sheets that I got from them. They’re kind enough to give me that pastry sticker sheet because it’s not launched yet at the time I made my order (it’s already launched by now) If it was, I probably couldn’t miss that one as well! LOL



Icon & word stickers

Paper size (roughly) 8.5 x 13.5 cm

Sticker diameter (icon sticker) 1.5 cm

Washi stickers

Paper size (roughly) 12.5 x 9 cm

Sticker size 12 x 1.5 cm

Doodle set

Paper size (roughly) 6.5 x 8.5 cm



[Review & Unboxing] Paforopi Planner Stickers | My Dandelion Dreams

All stickers are printed in matte vinyl sticker paper. The finish is not dead matte but not glossy either. You can see the sheen in the picture.



[Review & Unboxing] Paforopi Planner Stickers | My Dandelion Dreams

I can say the color turns out vibrant and pretty similar to what they have in the catalogue. The cutting is also very precise and neat. However, I find it pretty hard to peel of the stickers without having to bend the paper first. The thickness of these stickers are nice, not too thin but too thick either. Unfortunately, they are not repositionable so make sure that you already know where to put the stickers.



Icon sticker (1 design) IDR 6,500 per sheet

Word sticker & Icon sticker (combined design) IDR 8,000 per sheet

Washi sticker IDR 4,500 per sheet

Doodle set IDR 3,000 per sheet


In action


Since I have tiny handwriting, the stickers may look huge. But it’s actually not really. I personally think all the stickers that I bought are more suitable for my daily spread since it allows me to have more space, but I think this is still acceptable, especially when I have to write down a lot of information or details related to the activity that the stickers visualize.

What do you think? Do you like Paforopi’s planner stickers? If you do, you can visit their shop on Instagram @Paforopi and contact them. Share with me your thought in the comment box below!





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