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Studying Mistakes I’ve Made in University

Studying Mistakes I've Made in University

Studying isn’t always fun. Many of us can feel so lost in the middle of the semester and have no motivation at all to keep studying and striving to get the best scores. Well, that happened to me. I’ve just had my first week of mid term exam and I feel totally lost. I was all messed up and right there and then, I realized I’ve made a HUGE (well, not really huge, they’re a bunch of small things that matter) mistake. Here’s the list.


1 . Not learning in class

To be honest, I’ve lost a lot of interest in class. I often find myself not listening to what my lecturer are teaching us. It’s either I discussed something with my friend, doing something by my own, or just fallen asleep during the class. Not every single time, fortunately. I still can find myself listening to the lecturer and take notes in my textbook, but I don’t do it during every class. So, I guess I missed A LOT of things.

Note to self: Pay attention! No matter how simple and easy the materials look like, there’s always something important said by your lecturer.


2 . Not taking notes

I used to take notes on what my lecturer taught me. It was back then in my high school years and (I think) the first year in university. However, I’ve lost this habit. I almost never write down class notes in my binder anymore. Sometimes when I do take notes, I just write it down in my textbook. Well, that actually isn’t a problem. The problem is that I don’t try to find what’s important and what’s not. I only write down the thing that I thought was important, and then just skipped the other information. This is bad, guys, this is really bad. Later in my exam preparation I find out that what I didn’t write is something I need, or vice versa.

Note to self: There’s nothing wrong with writing what your lecturer said. Just try to write it down with your own language to make sure that you understand the topic you’re writing down.


3 . Procrastinating

This is every students’ problem, no? I do believe this cause me a lot of trouble since I tend to procrastinate my study time for exam until the last minute and I almost always find myself staying up all night, trying to put every single information into my brain. No good, girl.

Note to self: Make a routine study schedule and stick to it. You’ll thank yourself for this later.

I guess that’s it for now. I surely still need a lot of improvements in my university life. I hope you find this useful 🙂 I really hope you don’t make the same mistake as I do because it feels terrible! What about you? What mistakes do you think you’ve made during your university/school years? How did you fix it? Share with me down below 😉

Until next time, bye!





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