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April 2016 Hauls & Favorites

April 2016 Hauls & Favorites | My Dandelion Dreams

Though this month I’m doing a no spend month, of course I can’t resist the temptation to spend those money on lovely stuffs :p So today I will be sharing with you guys what I bought and got in April 2016.

p.s. I also made a video on this topic, so if you’re interested in seeing that, go to the bottom of this post to find the Youtube link.

Personally, I think that having a no spend month helps me to spend on better things. Whether it’s more useful for me or it’s a higher quality product, I find that I don’t spend money on small, low quality things I might buy just because it’s cheap.

I actually got 3 new things this month.

Sofie Bag from Lumiere Bag on Zalora

I bought this bag for my everyday carry bag to replace my older tote bag since its bottom part is starting to get torn by all the weight I carry everyday. I personally love this bag due to its size and design. I hope this one will last for a pretty long time!

Lynx Bloom Me Lips in Gorgeous Lily

This is a friend’s start up, so I decided to try out their product. I’ll be doing a review on this soon 😉

Planner and inserts from Toujours Jolie

I actually didn’t buy it. I won it as a giveaway gift. They gave me this pretty summer themed planner and also insert. I’m still wondering what I’ll be using it for, but I quite love it ❤

I also did some planner swap this month, and I’m showing a little bit of it in the April haul video. Make sure you check it out!

Another things I bought in April but after I filmed the video are these stuffs. I got a new Detective Conan book (the only comic book I still collect), a white gelly pen from Sakura since I want to try out the blackout planning, and also I registered for Chatime’s membership because I regularly buy it once a week for a few weeks already. It’s helping me to stay fresh during the late afternoon classes :p

April 2016 Hauls & Favorites | My Dandelion Dreams

Also, I want to share a little bit about my favorite playlist this month (or these last 2 weeks, to be more exact)

April 2016 Hauls & Favorites | My Dandelion Dreams

First of all, of course it has to be my bias (favorite) in Super Junior, Yesung’s new mini album.  He recently launched his first album and though I listened to it late, I fall in love with every single song in this album! His amazing voice and meaningful songs can make my mood change easily! You should definitely listen to his album!

Listening to Yesung’s album, I of course remember other main vocalist of Super Junior as well. To be honest, I actually stopped fangirling about Super Junior and other K-Pop artist for quite a while, but his album made me remember everything. I’m being honest here lol

So I finally downloaded Ryeowook’s and Kyuhyun’s mini album as well, and these 3 albums are what filled my days these last 2 weeks. Their beautiful voices definitely make me happy ❤ You should also try to listen to these albums!

Well, that’s all I have for today. I hope you enjoy it and I’ll see you in my next post. Bye!





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