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I Got My Wisdom Tooth Taken!

Hi! This time I won’t share anything makeup, nail art, or planner related thing. I’ll go more personal XD Well, what I mean is I want to with you my personal experience of getting my wisdom tooth taken. (This one is a long story)

If you are not interested in my story, you can come back later to check my other updates!


Starting this story, I’ll go back to January this year. During my final exam period, my left rear molar started to feel hurt whenever it got touched by something, even the lightest thing will make it painful. It wasn’t that hurt, I mean, like it cause me that much pain, but it was hurt and felt uncomfortable.

The pain started to get worse and then I decided to tell my parents, though it was still not that bad. I still can cooperate with the pain. Moreover, I was still in Tangerang and I had to attend a summit back then. Fortunately the pain was gone during the summit XD

When I went back home, my parents told me to go to the dentist to check my teeth since they know a great dentist in Semarang, which is not too far from my hometown. I agree at that time since my tooth still hurt sometimes.

Since my tooth condition wasn’t that bad and I had several reunion plans with my friends back then, I make the dentist appointment to be at February 1st, which means it was still weeks away. However, getting closer to the date, the pain was gone. I even thought to cancel my appointment, but my parents convince me to just check it up.

Well, fine. There’s nothing wrong with checking my teeth anyway. So when I went to the dentist, I thought nothing about it. I told the nurse that I was unsure if it’s my wisdom tooth or I just have cavity in my molar, and that the pain has reduced (and even gone). In fact, it was my first time going to the dentist :p My last time was during my elementary school when I have my teeth pulled out. It’s a totally different story, though.

Meeting the doctor, I told him about my teeth condition. Then, he checked my teeth. And, guess what, my wisdom tooth is really the problem. Can you imagine on your first time going to the dentist, you were told that you need to go under surgery to take your wisdom tooth out? Well, for me, it was pretty shocking.

I Got My Wisdom Tooth Taken! | My Dandelion Dreams

After discussing with my parents and the doctor, and realizing that if it was not taken, it’ll cause more problems in the future, I decided to take it out. It was a small surgery, I know, but it still felt weird. And hurt.

‘Funny’ story: Since my lips are kinda small, the doctor said “You need to open your mouth so we can be done ASAP” like, A LOT of times. Well, not my fault I have narrow lips, Doc XD During the surgery, my lips hurt more than my teeth. (ofc it’s also because I got anesthetized)

I Got My Wisdom Tooth Taken! | My Dandelion Dreams

See that small tooth? That was the cause of my problem. But it was cute, to be honest. It’s very small!

I even still wear makeup

Going back home, I was given an ice cube to compress my tooth. And I also got warned that I might get a fever and it’ll hurt pretty much. The dentist gave me some medicine and told me that if I needed to, I can drink another extra pain-killer pill.

That night was super horrible. I couldn’t sleep because I wasn’t sleepy and my teeth hurt so bad. I can only rely to some ice cube and cold water since my tooth felt like burning. Thanks God I’m a heavy sleeper so once I fell asleep I won’t be awake until the next morning.

The next day I needed to go back to the dentist again for a check-up and also to get some medication. See my cheek? It’s that swollen. And it hurts so much. I didn’t even wear any makeup lol I just couldn’t.

A week after the surgery. Still a little bit swollen.

During the first week (or probably more than that, I forget), I couldn’t eat well. My mouth and throat hurt and I can only eat porridge. Fortunately, my cheek was getting better.

A month after

I could eat normally again around 2 weeks after the surgery. And a month after the surgery, my cheek was already getting back to normal. If you need to take your wisdom tooth, make sure you have the spare time XD I’m not sure I can run my daily activities well if my problematic wisdom tooth was taken during my busy period.

I Got My Wisdom Tooth Taken! | My Dandelion Dreams

I don’t know if you can tell, but this is the current condition of my teeth. Behind my left rear molar, the gums are dented, while on the right side, it’s still like, higher than my teeth. (Well, I also have a wisdom tooth in my right side but it isn’t moving and if it doesn’t, I won’t take it)


Well, that’s my story with wisdom tooth and dentist XD I hope I can give you a picture of how it felt when you have your wisdom tooth taken.

I’ll see you in my next post! 😉


Lots of love,



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