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Myntymint Myntydori Review

Hi! I’m back with another planner review. Today I will be sharing my thoughts on a fauxdori by Myntymint. If you follow my planner Instagram account, you’ll probably know that this is a fauxdori I currently use for daily journaling. Check it out!

Myntymint Myntydori Review | My Dandelion Dreams

I purchased this fauxdori a few months ago, back in January. To be honest, I didn’t expect anyone in Indonesia to produce a Traveler’s Notebook type of planner since I thought it’s not very popular here compared to the personal 6 ring binder type.

However, Myntymint proved me I was wrong! XD I found their Instagram at first, went to check their website and fell in love with their flower emboss fauxdori (which they call “Myntydori”)!

Myntymint Myntydori Review | My Dandelion Dreams

It comes in 3 different colors: Tosca, orange, and pink. They’re all so pretty, right? 😀

The price is quite affordable as well. It’s only IDR 70,000 (USD 5.34) for the regular size and IDR 45,000 (USD 3.43) for the passport size.



This is what I love the most from this Myntydori: the pattern. I personally think it’s very pretty! It’s not only pattern but it’s made using textured (embossed) faux leather. The downside is that the material is very thin and it’s very floppy. Well, it’ll be depending on your preference!



This fauxdori is pretty well made, compared to its price. However, the middle hole is not punched neatly, but I don’t think it’s a big problem since it’s not very noticeable.


Inside View

Here’s the inside view of the Myntydori. Yes, it’s a bright yellow! It comes with only one full length strap, but of course we can add more booklets using another strap. They also sell separate elastic IDR 6,000 (USD 0.5) each.

They have several strap color: Black, white, baby blue, yellow, red, magenta, and neon green.



When you purchase this planner, it does come with one insert booklet. It’s a plain one with total 40 pages. It’s saddle stitched and I think it’s pretty neat.



With your purchase, they also send a business card and wrote a thank you notes on the backside of it. If you are interested in buying one, you can visit them at:

Website // Instagram // Contact them via Line@ or email


I guess that’s all for today. If you have any questions or else, please leave them down below. I’d be glad to answer all of them 😉 Until next time, stay happy and healthy, everyone!





4 thoughts on “Myntymint Myntydori Review

  1. Omaigat! Fauxdori!

    Ukurannya persis sama dg Midori gak ya? Aku pengguna Bullet Journal, lebih nyaman pakai kertas graph ketimbang plain. Kalo ukurannya sama, kan bisa kuisi insert Midori hohohoho…

    1. Halo Dian, makasih udah mampir di blogku ya! Seneng banget ketemu pengguna Bullet Journal lain yg dari Indonesia 😉
      Anyway, aku sendiri bukan pengguna traveler’s notebook dari Midori nih jadi semoga aku gak salah kasih info ya hehe
      Kalo dari web Myntymint ukuran cover regular 23×13 cm dan untuk passport 14×10,5 cm. Untuk insertnya sendiri kalo gak salah mengikuti ukuran asli (regular 21x11cm dan passport 12,4×8,9cm)
      Mungkin kalo lebih jelasnya bisa ditanya ke sellernya langsung aja 🙂 Baik kok orangnya! hehe
      Semoga membantu ^^

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