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[Review] Etude House Drawing Eye Brow #2

Hello everyone! Today I will give a review about the only brow pencil that I own for now. I’m not really into brows since I have natural eyebrows and mine tend to get really bold when getting applied by anything, so I’m currently learning on how to draw pretty eyebrows, and this product is my choice!


This review is my opinion made according to my personal experience using this product. The performance and result of this product may vary depending on the users. What works for me might not work for you, and vice versa.



I purchased this eyebrow pencil together with the Mini Brow Class Drawing Guide, an eyebrow stencil also from Etude House for around 30-40k IDR. The original price from Etude House’s website is KRW 2,500 (around IDR 30,000 or USD 2.5) so I think it’s a very affordable eye brow pencil.



There’s nothing special from the packaging of this eyebrow pencil. It is very simple, unlike some other Etude House’s products that have cute packaging. However, I like the size of this product because it is slim and compact. It doesn’t require a lot of space so you can take this with you for touching up later in the day.

On one side of this product is, of course, the pencil lead. This one is a retractable type so you only need to spin the barrel. It’s not very long, however I do think that it will last for quite a while. After all, this eyebrow pencil is still considered an affordable one, right?

What’s unique about this eyebrow pencil is the shape of the lead. It’s almost like a triangle (see the picture) but I do think that it helps me in the application process to create a more natural stroke since I have a pointed and a ‘flat & wider’ side.

On the other side of the product, we have our eyebrow brush, which I think is a pretty good quality. It’s not the softest that you will find, but it’s soft enough not to hurt your eyebrow area (the skin and the brow).


Color & Pigmentation

As you can see in the picture above, it is not very pigmented, but this is what I’m looking for. I have natural eyebrows which are not thin, so if I use a dark and very pigmented eyebrow pencil, I might turn out looking like Shinchan lol

But again, since this is an eyebrow pencil, the thickness and pigmentation will depend on how deep and hard you stroke it on your skin.

[Review] Etude House Drawing Eye Brow #2 | My Dandelion Dreams
Credit: Etude House website
This product comes with 6 different colors to choose from. What I like is that it varies from brown to dark grey which, I think, is not very easy-to-find color.



I really love the texture of this eyebrow pencil. It’s pretty soft and it feels nice when applied to my skin. The downside of this is that the product will not last long since it will take more of it every time you apply it, compared to hard lead.



Despite its soft texture, this product can stay for quite a long time on my skin. It can stay from the morning until evening with just a slight fading.


Plus & Minus

(+) Soft texture

(+) Quite easy to find

(+) Affordable

(+) Also come with a spoolie brush

(+) 6 different colors to choose from

(-) The product won’t last for a long time, probably few weeks or months if you use it everyday.

(-) Can be pretty expensive if you buy it in Etude House store in Indonesia



In my opinion, this eyebrow pencil is a good start for newbie like me. It’s very affordable, has soft texture, and comes with 6 different colors. It has just right amount of pigmentation and has been working well.



Probably yes if I don’t find another eyebrow pencil to try out.

So there has been my thought about this product. Have you tried this eyebrow pencil? What do you think about it? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time, bye!





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