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My University Binder Setup – March 2016

Last week, I just started my 4th semester. So I think I’d love to show you how I set up my university binder.

My binder is a regular B5 sized that are very common in Indonesia. It is made from plastic and has a stripe texture in the cover. What I like about this type of binder is that I can easily clean it since it’s made from plastic.

I already own this binder since a long time ago. Probably since my junior high school period, but I didn’t use it that much. I started using this binder in my last year of high school for my national exam preparation. It has been working well for me so I decided to continue using it up until now.

My University Binder Setup – March 2016 | My Dandelion Dreams


The front cover is not the original cover it came with. I just added my own printed cover that I like better. The pattern is just a cute tribal and then I added a monogram bow. It has been looking like this since around 3 years ago and I still love it!

My University Binder Setup – March 2016 | My Dandelion Dreams


The first thing you will see in my binder is this ‘dashboard’. In the front flap, I have nothing on, but my binder does have a side opening plastic pocket there. While on the right side I just put on some sticky notes with quotes written down.

My University Binder Setup – March 2016 | My Dandelion Dreams

Next, I have my task/assignment tracker that I made myself. In here, I keep track of my assignment due dates and also if I have any quiz coming up. I have all my semester week on 2 pages divided into half.

My University Binder Setup – March 2016 | My Dandelion Dreams


After that, goes all my class notes sections. This semester I only have 6 classes actually, so I’m not going to use all the dividers in my binder. The set up goes like this: Old class notes (for reference) -> Current classes sections -> blank paper -> important notes -> lined paper.

My University Binder Setup – March 2016 | My Dandelion Dreams


Here’s an example of how I use my sections. I usually have a final project in every class, so I will write down all the needed information and details in a sticky note, then stick in on my divider

My University Binder Setup – March 2016 | My Dandelion Dreams


After all of my notes sections, I have a clear pocket in the very back of my binder. In here, I put all the important (and not so important) papers that I can’t or I don’t want to put in the front sections, like my textbook list, summary, etc.

I also made a video where I do a flip through of my university binder. Make sure you check it out!

That’s all I have in my university binder for now. I hope you find this post helpful and if you have any questions or suggestion, don’t hesitate to tell me! I’d be glad to hear them 🙂







3 thoughts on “My University Binder Setup – March 2016

  1. Hi, Patricia.

    I love how you setup your college binder and I adore your blog. It’s quite hard to find planner related entries from Indonesia.

    Love, Dee.

    1. Hi Dee, thanks for stopping by! I’m really glad you like it 🙂
      Oh and I feel you too, I rarely find planner related Indonesian blog. Can’t wait for your first post!

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