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DIY Fauxdori – Bullet Journal Setup

Hello, everyone! In my last planner post, I’ve told you that I have my blog bullet journal held in a DIY Travelers Notebook that I created myself. So today I want to show you how I set it up. I hope you enjoy 😉

DIY Fauxdori – Bullet Journal Setup | My Dandelion Dreams

My DIY fauxdori is made by faux leather that I glued unto a piece of art foam. I actually like the texture of the leather so I decided to use this one. The cover size is around 36.5 x 23.5, I forget the exact measurement, sorry. But it holds some A5 sized notebook pretty well. I can put 4 books easily, but I think it can hold more than that. I just don’t have the books :p

p.s. My notebooks are thin ones, it’s only 0.3 cm thick.

DIY Fauxdori – Bullet Journal Setup | My Dandelion Dreams

I use double strap to hold my fauxdori, just because I feel that my elastic is not strong enough to hold the cover and all the books if I put a lot in it. Another reason is because I love the color combo of the elastics!

On the front elastic, I put on some beads that spell my name. Then, I also added a lovely flip-flop charm that I also DIY-ed. I really love this charm!

DIY Fauxdori – Bullet Journal Setup | My Dandelion Dreams

I also rounded the edges of my fauxdori using a small bottle cap. Oh and can you see the texture? Did I mention that I love it so much?

DIY Fauxdori – Bullet Journal Setup | My Dandelion Dreams

Okay, getting into the inside of this fauxdori. I made my own strap flow that I combined from Sea Lemon and Klassy Jade’s methods. If I use single strap, I would have 3 straps in my planner. However, since I used 2 elastic, I have 6 (yes, six) elastic in it. I like it better this way, so I don’t have to add another elastic if I want to add more booklet into my fauxdori.

DIY Fauxdori – Bullet Journal Setup | My Dandelion Dreams

So this is how my fauxdori looks like with my booklets inserted. Currently, I only have 2 in it; one for blog and one for business planning. Both are using the bullet journal system, and it has been working well.

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Oh and if you notice, the books that I use are mathematics books. They are the graph notebooks that I have easiest access to, so I just use them. I have no problem with the inside looks anyway.


So that has been how I set up my DIY fauxdori for now. I hope you can find inspiration from my set up 🙂

Do you use Bullet Journal system in a Travelers Notebook style? If so, please share with me in the comment box below! I’d love to know how you set up yours 😉 Also, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me. I’ll be very happy to help!

Until next time, bye ❤






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