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January & February 2016 Hauls (+ some DIYs)

January & February 2016 Hauls (+ some DIYs)

Looking at my spending tracker in my phone (I use Monefy), a thought came to my mind. Why don’t I create monthly haul post every month? I said yes to the challenge and so here I am with my first haul post for January and February 2016! 😉

Make Up

With me not allowed to use any kind of skin makeup, I only purchased 2 things (or 4, exactly. They just fall into 2 categories)

  • Natasha Skin Care Girl’s Secret facial wash, morning, and night cream

[See also: Natasha Skin Care Girl’s Secret review]

  • Maybelline Fashion Brow 24H Color Matcher #5 Dark Brown


Planner Supplies

In January, I purchased this fauxdori from Myntymint called Myntydori that has beautiful embossed texture. It came together with my Mickey Mouse mouse that I purchased separately!

I buy quite A LOT of stationeries these two months. Here is the list of things that I bought.

  • Koi water colors, cat paper clips, washi tapes, thumb stickies, and Stabilo marker

  • Remember this picture from My Planning Essentials List? The only thing that is not new is the watercolor pencil only lol I also bought this Snowman markers few days after my Koi water colors.

  • I also bought some cute sticky notes, cupcake sticker roll, and also two Koi Coloring Brush Pens.

  • Found these cute plastic tapes for IDR 700 each. Of course I couldn’t miss them, right? :p
Also from my planning essentials list
  • I also bought variety of sticky flags from a local bookstore.



I bought several books (which are still in my reading list for now. Haven’t read it all)


Craft Supplies

  • I bought these wool rolls and create some tassels. It’s fun making them!

  • Purchased some elastic bands in several colors for my fauxdori project.

  • Found these cute beads and charms in a local craft store when I was out buying the elastics above and of course I have to get them!


DIY Projects

  • I made these booklets to put inside my Myntydori. The one that is behind is from Morgan Le Fae’s Trinkets.

  • Since I am currently learning to sew, I made this planner cover for my pocket planner.

[See how I set up the planner: My Current Pocket Planner Setup]

  • Recently I started to have separated blog and business Bullet Journal. And since the books don’t have hardcovers, I decided to make this DIY fauxdori for them.



Aside from the Mickey Mouse mouse that I’ve mentioned above, I also got some cute cable protectors to protect and organize my cables.

So there has been the stuffs I purchased these two months. If there is anything you want me to make a review on, please tell me in the comment box below since I’m planning to make some! Also, if there’s anything that catches your eyes and you want to know more about, don’t hesitate to ask me!

Until next time, bye!





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