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Week in Review: Week 08 2016 in my Pocket Planner

Hi! I’m back with a quick update from my planner. So I decided to have a “Plan With Me” section in this blog to show you guys how I use my planner. I can’t promise you to give an update every week, but I’ll try. I love this kind of planner flip-thru, and I thought “Why don’t I do one?”

For now I’m still using week on 2 pages spread (from Philofaxy) in my pocket planner. If you haven’t seen how I set up my planner, see my post “My Current Pocket Planner Setup

Week in Review: Week 08 2016 in my Pocket Planner | My Dandelion Dreams

This week has been one of which I feel very productive. During the first midweek, I didn’t do very much, but I was able to catch up with a debate practice, create a Facebook fanpage for this blog, setting up a Bullet Journal for blogging stuff, and also made a fauxdori for the BuJo ‘case’.

During the second midweek, I had my university class registration period, so I have some stuffs to do. I also spent my Friday blogging, or you can say, making blog post, editing photos, and all. I also set up another Bullet Journal dedicated for my business. Yes, I am planning to start my own shop, and re did my old one. Oh, this Sunday, my bestie is having her birthday! ^^ (and of course I need to write it down)

As for the decoration, I’m trying to keep everything simple and functional. All the stickers that I use are from Line stickers that I printed on a sticker paper. I also use some small label that I water colored just to make reminder and categories. Oh, the “Don’t Forget” sticker is a free printable from MsWenduhh.

My week spread was pretty packed, and I think if my schedule stays that way, I might need to move back to a personal sized planner, though I love the compact and lightweight pocket planner.

So there has been my week 08 of 2016. I hope you enjoyed reading it 😉

Have a great week!





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