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My Planning Journey

My Planning Journey | My Dandelion Dreams

Hi everyone! With me being a planner addict, I’ve tried out several planning system during the last few years. So today I want to show you how my planning journey has been. (I recently figure out that I’ve been addicted to planners and writing down stuff since I was in elementary school lol) But since it would be a long journey to talk about, I’ll cut my stories and start telling you my journey from my high school years, which means from 2012 ahead. I hope you enjoy!

Warning: A very long post with a lot of images.


This is my very first planner that I actually use as a planner. It is a simple spiral bound undated weekly planner that I use in high school. It doesn’t have so much space since the size is a B6, but it worked well because I didn’t have a lot to plan at that time. My school was from 7.20 am until 3 pm everyday so I only write down the appointments I had after school and also the assignment due dates or quizzes schedule.

If you notice, I wrote down an ‘N’ letter in the cover of the planner just because my close friend had the same planner with me. We accidentally bought the exact same planners so I decided to make just a little difference in mine.



In 2014 (my last year in high school and also my first semester in university), I decided to stick with a weekly planner and my auntie bought me this pretty baby for me. It looks like a Moleskine notebook from the outside, but the inserts look different. I do love the insert of this planner since it has small lines that match my tiny handwriting.

This planner is an A6 sized planner but I can put a lot of things inside it. Since I was getting closer to the national final exam at that time, I had a lot more course schedule that I should put into my planner, and the small lines help me with that. Also, when I first enter my university, we had an Introductory Program aside from classes that I had to put on my schedule. Fortunately, it was a few hours event every time it’s being hold so I still have enough space in my planner.

In 2014, I also made this daily journaling book that I turned out didn’t really use since I couldn’t find time filling it out. It was very enjoyable though.



Next up in line I had my 2015 planner which is an A5 spiral bound planner. It only has weekly spread so I attached the monthly spread in the front page. And yes, I printed the pages in a wrong way so it’s printed from December to January (.___.”)a

This planner has 8-to-5 layout so it was really useful when I had my internship. (I definitely recommend this type of planner as a work planner.) I also used A LOT of sticky notes in my planner since I was there as a Human Resource intern and I had to write A LOT of things as well. Even an A5 page couldn’t fit all the information I had to write down.

In the back of this planner, it has some blank note pages that I use to store important information, including my semester score in university, blog post ideas, and also DIY projects ideas. For blog post and DIY ideas, I use sticky notes as well since the note pages is limited so I can easily move the things that are done and put another sticky there. (Got the idea from Belinda Selene, thanks to her)

Though this planner has worked well during my internship period, as soon as my second semester in university started, turned out it didn’t match my need since I didn’t have 8-to-5 schedule any longer.

So then I moved to this personal planner. In this planner, I decided to use both monthly and weekly spread which I got from Philofaxy. On the monthlies, I wrote down big events that I had, and the details are written on the weekly spread.  The insert that I use was week on 1 page spread with tasks and notes in the other side so I can write down all the assignments that are due that week.

At first I didn’t even use any color in this planner because I only need it for keeping track of my schedule. But after a few months, I did get bored with the black and white view and I decided to start using colors and adding some doodles in my planner. I even tried to make my own insert that I pretty much love.

It worked pretty well for a few more months until I got bored with the system and I turned the rest of the inserts to be journal pages where I keep track of what I did, rather than what I should do.

[See the full set up: March 2015 Planner Setup]

One of the reasons why I decided to change from my personal planner is that I need more space to write down my schedule. So then I purchased a disc bound (or ARC) sketchbook and change all the pages. If you ask me why I don’t just buy the disc, well, it’s not easily available here 😦

At first, I decided to go with the Passion Planner inserts, but it turned out that I don’t really like it and it didn’t really match my needs. So I made my own inserts with longer and more detailed hourly vertical planner with lots of to do list space below the dailies which are separated into 4 categories to match my crazy schedule at that time. And of course I can’t miss the monthly planner 😉

Side note: If you want to see the full set up of this planner, please let me know. I’ll be glad to do it 🙂

Going to the end of 2015, my schedule got tighter and crazier, and it made me feel overwhelmed looking at my planner. So I took a step back and try to review of what did work for me. Then I decided that a smaller book would work for me, but since it was already in December, I wouldn’t love to buy another planner, yet I didn’t have time to make my own inserts. So I pulled out this small A6 notebook and try a bullet-journal type of planner mixed with all the notes and project planning. It was more like a brain dump notebook, but I do enjoy that I can focus on less thing on each day and it got me less stressed looking at my schedule. And for the daily schedule, I relied back on Google calendar 😉



After I knew that small planner works better on me, I tried to make this A6 vertical planner for 2016. What is so unfortunate is that the lady who bind the book did it at the wrong side, so they had to trim my book down so it downsized my book by several centimeters.

This planner holds monthly (free printable by MissTiina) and weekly spreads that I made myself. It did work pretty well for a few weeks before I feel that I didn’t like writing in it and seeing my schedule with that type of inserts. So I decided I need to move out (again). *sigh*


Current Planners

Feeling that I lose my planner peace, I fell in love with the Traveler’s Notebook system, but I don’t think that I’m ready to splurge just for the sake of trying out the system, so I bought this pretty embossed fauxdori from Myntymint that I ran across on the internet. I have my bullet journal booklet from My Life All in One Place but I feel that the size is too big for me to carry every day, so I made this my sit-at-desk journal. I also have my daily journaling booklet using a week on 2 pages booklet from Morgan Le Fae’s Trinkets that I enjoy so much.

For my everyday carry, I use this pocket sized planner that holds my monthly, weekly, and daily spread. This size helps me to focus on limited things every day, and I enjoy having the compact and the lightweight pocket planner.

[See the full setup : Pocket Planner Setup]

So those were all my planners from 2012 and my experience using them. How about you? How was your planning journey? Share with me (and the whole planning community) in the comment box below! I’d love to hear your story 😉

Until next time, bye!





4 thoughts on “My Planning Journey

  1. Hello! I’m super into planning too so I’m glad I stumbled on to your blog (: love your set ups ! One question I have : what thickness do you use for the papers that you print and cut yourself? I tried doing that but regular printer paper was too flimsy 😦

    1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by 🙂
      I use either 80 gsm or 70 gsm paper. I recently switched to 80 gsm because I feel that the 70 gsm is too thin. 80 gsm works great for me since I have thin handwriting, but some people might like 100 gsm paper better since it is thicker.
      What is the thickness of the paper you used?

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