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My Planning Essentials

My Planning Essentials | My Dandelion Dreams

Planning has been a part of my life since a while back, and seeing how the planning community grows really amaze me a lot. People from different backgrounds are supporting one another and it’s beautiful. I, myself, am a part of several planner groups on Facebook, and also a part of Indonesian Planner Community.

Seeing how people decorate their planners is something really enjoyable, and even my phone are full with pictures of different planner decorations I found on the internet. However, I find that seeing all those pretty planners can be overwhelming. So in this post I want to share with you my planning essentials.

1. The Planner My Planning Essentials | My Dandelion Dreams

First of all, of course you need your planner. It can be any kind of planner that match your style and needs. In the picture are some planner styles that I’ve tried during the past years, including the Traveler’s Notebook system (I’m using a fauxdori), ring binder, spiral bound, and a Moleskin journal type of planner. There are a lot of planners to choose from. You only need one that matches yourself.

[See also: My Planning Journey – will be up this Thursday!]

2. Pen and/or Pencil

My Planning Essentials | My Dandelion Dreams

Next, you will need something to write with. It can be any type of pen, pencil, or even marker. Choose whatever kind of writing utensils that you enjoy the most in the color that you love writing in as well. For me, it’s Hi Tec C 0.3 black.

In the picture, I show you the pens and pencils that I love using. From left to right:

  • Faber Castell 0.5 pen in black (This is a just-in-case pen. I don’t usually use it.)
  • Pilot Hi-Tec-C 0.3 in black and violet (My holy grail pen)
  • Uniball Uni Style Fit 5 color holder pen. Inside it I have 0.38 black, 0.38 violet, 0.28 baby pink, 0.28 lime green, and 0.28 orange ink. (Another holy grail pen. Unfortunately the black doesn’t come in 0.28)
  • Pilot Frixion ball clicker 0.5 in black. (I love that it is erasable)
  • 5 mechanical pencils
  • Some cheap colored pens in various colors.

3. Sticky Notes / Flags

I can say that basically planner and pen is all you need to start planning. But I do find that sticky notes and flags can help you a lot. Here’s some example of how you can use them in your planner.


If you prefer to have a simple planning system, those three items are all that you need. However, if you want to go for the pretty planning, here are some more things that you might find ‘essential’.

4. Highlighters

I’m not a highlighter girl so I don’t have it with me right now but if you are one who loves using highlighter, you definitely can use it in your planner. For color coding, maybe?

5. Color Markers, Pencils, or Watercolors

My Planning Essentials | My Dandelion Dreams

If you like to draw or color your planner, these coloring utensils can be your best friends. I personally like drawing doodles in my journal and I color it using color pencils.

6. Washi Tape

My Planning Essentials | My Dandelion Dreams
These are just regular tapes, not washi tapes.

If you see all over the internet people are crazy about washi tape. I think part of it is because they are pretty, writable, and removable as well. I currently only have one in my stash, but I’m looking out to grow my collection just a little bit :p

7. Stickers

My Planning Essentials | My Dandelion Dreams

This is my favorite! All those pretty stickers never go wrong :p I personally like to DIY my own stickers so it would match my needs and style better. But I can never say “no” if I find a cute sticker out there. If you like more complicated drawings or you don’t like to draw, I’ll say that stickers are your best friends!

8. Stamps

For this one I don’t have any picture (sorry) because I don’t use stamps in my planner. But you definitely can find one that you like if you are into stamps.

So those have been my planning essentials (and some more for pretty planning). What’s yours? What things do you think is essential in your planning routine? I’d love to hear yours 😉

Until next time, bye!






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