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[Review] Tony Moly Tony Tint Delight in #2 Red

[Review] Tony Moly Tony Tint Delight in #2 Red | My Dandelion Dreams

Hi, today I want to give you a review about a lip tint I recently bought, which is Tony Moly’s Tony Tint Delight in #2 Red. I bought it with a friend. She bought the orange one, it looks nice as well, but here I will only talk about the red one.


This review is my opinion made according to my personal experience using this product. The performance and result of this product may vary depending on the users. What works for me might not work for you, and vice versa.


I forgot the exact price when I got this, but I’m pretty sure it’s below IDR 50,000. The current price from Tony Moly’s website is KRW 3,200 (around IDR 35,000 or USD 2.63). Personally, I think that this tint is an affordable one, compared to many other lip tints or lip products.


The packaging of this product is quite simple, compared to the kitty ones, the older version of this product. It nice to hold and it doesn’t take so much space in your bag if you want to take it for re-touching your make up.

What I think is really cute from this product is the lid. It is heart shaped and it’s lovely ❤

The applicator is quite nice as well. It is slightly bent and flat on one side so the application of the product becomes easier.

Color, Texture, Pigmentation

I have a love-hate relationship with this product, actually. As you can see, the pigmentation of this product is great. It has a strong color and you can also layer the product to get more vivid color. However, it is kinda hard to control the amount of product you are using, and it dries quite fast too! I think it’s because this tint is like a gel textured tint, but it’s slightly watery as well.

I also do not recommend this for you who have flaky lips, because it will accentuate the lines and it will be more noticeable. I prefer not to use this tint if I am having dry lips. Or you can use a layer of lip balm first then use this tint, like what I did in the picture below. However, it slightly makes the color less vivid.


I don’t know if this is normal or not, but this lip tint doesn’t last that long. It stays for 2-3 hours, just like other lipsticks. When you first apply it, I can say it is kinda hard to remove. But after a while, it seems to wear off quite fast.


The fragrance of this tint is nice! It is sweet. If I’m not mistaken, it is a strawberry-kind of smell. It is quite strong but not disturbing for me.

Plus & Minus

(+) Great pigmentation

(+) The texture is fine

(+) Nice smell

(+) Affordable

(+/-) Dries quite fast, so you have to blend it fast

(-) Accentuate dry lips

(-) Not long-lasting


Honestly, I am having a love-hate relationship with this lip tint. I wouldn’t recommend this product for those who have dry lips or those who are not familiar with lip tint because the texture of this product makes it dries fast and hard to blend. But if you’re not one of those, this lip tint is worth the shot!


Have you ever tried this lip tint? Or do you have other favorite one? Share with me in the comment box below! I’d love to hear from you 🙂







8 thoughts on “[Review] Tony Moly Tony Tint Delight in #2 Red

  1. water tint tuh ga pernah sukses nutup bibir item ku. kalau yang kulit putihan cakep banget pake water tint. padahal water tint kan murah 😦
    so far aku masih jagoin jelly tint atau pudding tint (milky tint) sejenis itulah. lebih ngecoverr

    1. Halo Chissa, thanks for stopping by ya 🙂

      Wah sayang banget Chissa, tapi emang sih coverage water tint tipis, namanya juga water hehe
      Aku juga coba-coba lip tint ini karena harganya paling terjangkau dibanding yg jelly atau milky type :p
      Lip tint favoritmu apa nih kalo boleh tau? 🙂 *mencari racun*

  2. kukira bibirku aja yg jelek dan ekstra kering jadi susah kalau mau pakek ini, tapi ternyata memang gitu ya. Lately kucoba pake lipbalm dulu 15-30 menit sebelom pake liptint/lip product, terus apply ulang lipbalm di atas liptint/lip product. Biasanya, kalo kulit bibir lagi bersahabat jadi cakep jatohnya, berwarna terus kaya yg ampir glossy gitu. Hehehe~

    1. Hai! Thanks for stopping by 🙂
      Iya nih lip tint ini gak begitu cocok dipake kalo bibir lagi kering banget. Harus jaga biar bibir lembap terus. Lip balm emang wajib banget haha

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