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My Current Pocket Planner Setup

Hello, everyone! I’ve noticed that the last time I did a video about my planner set up is on March 2015, which means it almost been one year since then. A lot of things have changed in my planning system. I do think that I lose my planner peace and I’ve tried out so many types of planners (I’ll make a post dedicated to show you my planning evolution. Hopefully I can post it up by next week), but recently I come up with a solution. Or at least it solves my planner peace problem for now 😀

So the last planner that I’ve been using when I faced my problem is my DIY A5 disc bound planner. It actually has been working well to track all of my schedules and to do list, but life has been so complicated in the last few months that my planner become something really overwhelming to look at. Then I ditched my planner and just use a simple notebook to jot down my thoughts, to do’s, and also schedule. It worked pretty well and I didn’t feel overwhelmed looking at my schedule since I can’t write so much and it means I can focus better on what I should do on that day.

Even though my day-by-day planning has been running well with that notebook, I do think that it can’t help me with future planning a lot. So I decided to create some criteria for my next planner, which are:

  • Small enough so I can carry it around without adding a lot of weight to my purse. Also, the small paper size can help me to pick fewer things to focus on in a daily basis.
  • The paper should be movable and I should be able to change stuffs. Basically, it has to be customizable.
  • Has a lot of writing space for my thoughts, meeting results, and that kind of things.
  • Colorful enough so I can use it happily. I don’t know why but looking at a dull planner kind of makes me unmotivated. Sadly, I also can’t find time dedicated to decorate my planner 😦
  • The planner should not require a lot of care. The material should be durable and easy to clean.

So, looking at my planner collection, I decided to try using a pocket sized planner. I do have some sitting in my shelf, but since they are planners from my childhood, they are not in 100 % good condition. I even broke the clasp of my favorite one 😦

I then decided to buy a plastic one, which I got just for around $1 in a local bookstore. It’s far from pretty planner, I can say, but it fulfilled my criteria, so I guess I’ll give it up a try.

My Current Pocket Planner Setup | My Dandelion Dreams

In my current set up, I do have 6 dividers. Top-down: Monthly, Weekly, Bullet Journal, Blog, Memo, and Doodle.

Side note: Yes, I made my own divider in a wrong size so they are smaller than my inserts. Probably I’m going to make another divider, but for now I don’t think I’m in a mood to make some more so I’ll stick to those small dividers.


MonthlyMy Current Pocket Planner Setup | My Dandelion Dreams

I keep month on 2 pages spread to keep me accountable of future events and birthdays. Since my handwriting is tiny, I can fit up to 3 events in one day, which is enough for me. Mostly I only put 1 event on a day to keep me focused on the big event I have to do. What I love about having a monthly spread is that I can see the big picture of what I am doing in a month.


My Current Pocket Planner Setup | My Dandelion Dreams

Week on 2 pages spread just for appointments and trackers. Once again, the pocket size has a limited writing space so it helps me to focus more on important events only. I didn’t usually decorate my planner but for the last few weeks I like to put just a tiny bit of decoration here and there so my planner is pretty to look at and keep me motivated.My Current Pocket Planner Setup | My Dandelion Dreams

I also do future planning in my weeklies since I have the notes section in the top part of the spread. It allows me to put self notes on what I have to do on specific week or day. For things that may be done in different date, I like to use post its so I can easily move them without me having to make my planner messy.

Bullet Journal

My Current Pocket Planner Setup | My Dandelion Dreams

Here I have my day-to-day bullet journaling system. Most of them are just my to-do list and notes. What I like about Bullet Journal system is its flexibility. I can easily change the layout, the size, and all the things. I can even skip one or two day without feeling guilty about that blank space in my planner.

My Current Pocket Planner Setup | My Dandelion Dreams

I also have my monthly habit tracker which I started this month. Has been struggling with filling it up, but I’m pretty sure it can help me to keep track of things I want to do regularly.


My Current Pocket Planner Setup | My Dandelion Dreams

It holds my editorial calendar (using month on 2 pages spread) that I color code. Last time I color coded with the progress, but I recently changed my color coding system to be divided by post categories so hopefully the post can be more diverse. I got the idea from Youtube, but unfortunately I forgot who 😦

My Current Pocket Planner Setup | My Dandelion Dreams

I also have my post tracker for blog post and video ideas. Using this kind of tracker, I can easily keep track of my post ideas and progress so I can schedule my posts referring back to it.


My Current Pocket Planner Setup | My Dandelion Dreams

My Current Pocket Planner Setup | My Dandelion Dreams

It’s where I keep my wish list, bucket list, impossible list, and some other important stuff I have to write down, as well as some brain dump.


My Current Pocket Planner Setup | My Dandelion Dreams

I haven’t used this section very much, but I plan to put my doodles and other random handwritten thing here. Currently, I have my project planning drawn here.

So this is how I set up my pocket planner so far. I’m pretty sure several things will change as my schedule change (I’m currently having my holiday) and probably I will go back to personal size if I need more space in my planner. But this set up works well for me just now, so I’ll stick to it until I need change in my planner system.

If you want to follow every update of my planner system, I have a separate Instagram account dedicated for planner post only –> @PaperPenPlan. Drop me a message there!

How do you set up your planner? What kind of planner gives you planner peace? Share with me down below 😉

Until next time, bye!






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