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2015 Best Nine (of Life)

These past few days, there has been a trend on Instagram, which is 2015 Best Nine (click here to see mine). Looking at it, an idea strikes into my mind. “Why don’t I create one about life?” So here is my 2015 Best Nine Memories of my life. I hope you enjoy!

2015 Best Nine (of Life) | My Dandelion Dreams
My 2015 Best Nine Memories


2015 Best Nine (of Life) : My Family | My Dandelion Dreams


I don’t have a particular memory to talk about family here. Even the photo above is taken last year (we don’t take a lot of photos haha) but I just love it (and them) so much!

I don’t think I can reach to this point of my life without them and yea, my life revolves around my family (I think 😉 )


2. Getting 19

2015 Best Nine (of Life) : Getting 19| My Dandelion Dreams

My age has turned to 19 this year, and yea, it means that I’m getting closer to my twenties.  But that’s totally fine for me. I’ve learnt so many things this year and I’m ready to learn so many more!

I’d also like to say thank you to my beloved friends to make my birthday this year meaningful. Love you guys ❤


3. University Friends and Memories

2015 Best Nine (of Life) : University| My Dandelion Dreams

Actually, most of my close friends in university are those in the photo above,  but this year is my mentor’s last year in my university, so she gathered us in a small reunion.

They are some of my class mates last year (only like, half of them). Oh, and anyway, my mentor is the woman in the middle (pretty, isn’t she?). She is really wise and I really thank her for making my class solid and fun.

We wish you a successful life ahead, Mbak Sinta!

2015 Best Nine (of Life) : Classmates| My Dandelion Dreams
This is the full team! 😀

This semester, we were reshuffled again and I got different classmates, but unfortunately we never take a photo together, so I can’t post anything here. But being with them, once again, has taught me a lot of things about life.


4. High School Friends

2015 Best Nine (of Life) : Highschool Friends | My Dandelion Dreams

Though it has been one and a half year apart, I’m still grateful that I’ve met my friends in high school and that we’re still in contact until now (though not that often). I’m really happy that we did some meet ups this year.

The sad part is that we couldn’t make it this December because our schedule is really different. I’ll see you guys next year! 😉


5. Business Creation

This semester’s project from my campus has taught me a lot. Starting from a team which member didn’t know one another, we’ve managed to develop so much and survived this semester. I’ve learnt so much, from a professional and personal matters since the four of us come with different personalities, backgrounds, and all.

2015 Best Nine (of Life) : Business Creation | My Dandelion Dreams
The team we started with.

We know that there’s a lot of harder things waiting for us ahead, but we’ll fight and hopefully stay strong (or be stronger) going through those obstacles!

2015 Best Nine (of Life) : Business Creation| My Dandelion Dreams
The BIG team!


6. Internship at Formulatrix

2015 Best Nine (of Life) : Internship | My Dandelion Dreams

In the beginning of 2015, I did an internship in Formulatrix, a robotic manufacturer in Salatiga. I’ve met a lot of great people with great personality here and to be honest, I missed them so much. I’m really grateful that I’ve been given the opportunity to have an internship here, and moreover, in Human Resource division which I love. I’ve learnt so many things through my 1.5 or 2 months of internship, not only professionally, but also personally.


7. AIESEC Journey

2015 Best Nine (of Life) : AIESEC Journey| My Dandelion Dreams

Being in my position this year has allowed me to understand more about AIESEC, know a lot of inspiring people, not only from my campus, but also from all over Indonesia and even outside Indonesia. Thank you for the chance, guys!


8. Lodestar

2015 Best Nine (of Life) : Lodestar| My Dandelion Dreams

This year I was given the opportunity to be a Lodestar, which is like a senior mentor for first year students in my campus. I really learnt a lot from this experience and I am really grateful that I can meet these inspiring mentee. I might not show it, but looking at how they interact one another and do their tasks, make me learn and reflect more. I’m really proud that I have them as my team, and I’m sending my wishes for their campus life!

Being a Lodestar also gives me the chance not only to know new people, but also get closer with some people I’ve known before. Though there were some hard times as well being a Lodestar, in the end, it was all worth it 🙂


9. Debate

2015 Best Nine (of Life) : Debate | My Dandelion Dreams
This is me when we had a sparring with another university. Please ignore my face 😀

This year I also re-started my debate life. I am really grateful that I take the chance to start debating again. Debate has been a part of my life since high school and I’ve been missing it so much. Though we haven’t been really active this year, hopefully my eagerness to learn more about debate will not fade.


10. My Dandelion Dreams

2015 Best Nine (of Life) | My Dandelion Dreams

(Okay, so this makes my list go to ten) Last but not least, I’m so grateful that though I haven’t been so active in this blog (going to correct that soon!), there are still you guys who read my writing. Hopefully my posts, reviews, tutorials, and all, can help you guys in any means.


So that has been my 2015 best nine memories of my life. I realize that I still need to improve my life from now on and I’m currently working to make the best of my life. Hopefully by the end of 2016, I can look back and see the improvement that occurs in my life (and your life as well! 😉 )

What’s your 2015 best nine of your life? Share them on the comment box below!





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