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“and I thought my heart is mine”

Some random words just went through my cluttered mind this night so I decided to write it down this late night. It is personal-love life related, so feel free to read or to skip this 😀

A part of my heart has been stolen away

It was years ago

When everything went so smooth

And I didn’t notice it was coming

Something unexpected

Someone unexpected

And when everything comes to an end

I thought I moved on

I thought I was strong enough

But I was so wrong

That piece of my heart is still left behind

When I thought it was mine again

Years went by

I didn’t notice that piece was missing

Then I tried to give it away

And I realize

That a part of my heart is not my own again

And I thought my heart is mine

Well, if you get to this point. I guess I gotta say thank you for reading my random posting. It was far from beautiful, I know, and it is unclear at some point as well. Sorry about that. I just wanna write down the words crossing in my mind, and thank you for your time reading it.

Stay happy and healthy. I’ll see you soon! ❤




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