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Planner Setup – March 2015

Hi everyone! As I’ve told you in my previous post, I am currently really into planners and organization as my university life is getting more and more busy throughout these days. Starting this year, I tried to use planners more effectively. From January, I used an A5 spiral planner. It worked for me for like 2-3 months until I feel like it doesn’t match my need. It is quite too big for me to bring it everywhere, it doesn’t make me comfortable to jot down ideas, notes, and to-do list without using post its, and basically I don’t enjoy having and filling in my A5 planner. This is why I decided that I have to change my planning system. Planner Setup - March 2015 | My Dandelion Dreams For the last two weeks, I have been working on a personal sized 6 ring planner. I’ve owned this planner for like.. forever since I was still in my elementary school so I won’t be able where I find and buy my planner. Mine is from flexible plastic thingy and has top openings in the front and back cover so I can easily insert any kind of picture I want my cover to be. Planner Setup - March 2015 | My Dandelion DreamsWhen you open my planner, you’ll see that I have some notepads I clipped on, some sticky flags, and also a DIY notepad (I made this from scratch paper). While on the left side, I have a 2015 insert I got from It has several quotes and I love it so much! Planner Setup - March 2015 | My Dandelion DreamsThe first section I have in my planner is my calendar section. I currently use month-on-2-page for my monthly calendar, while for my weekly calendar, I have week-on-1-page on the left side, then to do list and notes on the right side. On my calendar section, I keep track of my appointments, university assignments, birthdays, etc. Oh, by the way, all the dividers in my planner are DIYed by myself. I plan to put the tutorial and the printable in this blog also, so make sure you are following me to get the free printable when I put it up here! Planner Setup - March 2015 | My Dandelion DreamsThe next section in my planner is my Lists section which has my Wish List, some more To Do List, and I also plan to put on some shopping list and such. In this section, I also have some more inserts from just because I think they’re really cute and fun to follow! Planner Setup - March 2015 | My Dandelion DreamsThe third section is just my notes section where I have some lined paper available for me to jot down thought, ideas, important details, and such. Planner Setup - March 2015 | My Dandelion DreamsThe next section is my blog section. Here I have some space to keep track of my blog and vlog post ideas. Planner Setup - March 2015 | My Dandelion DreamsThe last section in my planner is my health section, which I haven’t filled out just yet, but I plan to have my exercise tracker and some workout printable here so I can easily see them. Planner Setup - March 2015 | My Dandelion DreamsThese are the dividers I use in my planner. The section tabs are made by myself, and I added some tabs for my monthly and weekly calendar. In my weekly calendar, I also add month tabs (I found the printable online, but forget where it was) in the top part so I can easily go through the pages to find a particular month. By the way, my current planner only have the calendar set up for March to July just because I am not really sure I will stick to this set up by then. march-2015-planner-setup-today2I also make this ‘Today’ marker so I can easily flip to the current week. I make it removable as well so I can move them week to week without opening the rings. On the front side, I stick on my class schedule so I can refer to it when planning my week and that I don’t have to write them down to my weekly planner each time. Then, on the back side, I use it to stick on my task list which is not time bound so it can flexibly moved to another week as well. I also have a video about my current planner setup. This is my first video post ever so I understand that it still have a lot of mistakes and weaknesses but I hope you enjoy it!

I hope you also enjoy reading this post. You can send me your thoughts on the comment box below. I will be glad to have your comments (or maybe request)! I would like to know how you set up your planner 🙂

Well, that’s all for now! Stay happy and healthy and I’ll see you soon!




3 thoughts on “Planner Setup – March 2015

    1. My pleasure 💕
      I don’t know where to buy this anymore because it’s a planner from my childhood. But as I remember, Target/Michael’s or some other store have had a transparent planner just like this one. It’s so unfortunate I forgot the name and I can’t find any information about the planner 😦

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