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Weekly Work Planner Free Printables!

[Free Printables] Weekly Work Planner | My Dandelion Dreams

Hi everyone!

Lately I’ve been so excited about planners, its type, decoration, and all. Currently I am using a weekly planner and a DIY life planner. For me, a weekly planner is very important and essential to have in a planner. So today I am sharing (my first ever) printables. They are 2 types of week on 2 pages work planner in A5 size and in pdf file.

The first one has work hour (from 8 am to 5 pm and an evening section) in every single day, from Monday to Sunday.

Download the 1st version



While the second one only have the work hour in working days only (Monday to Friday) and the weekend section is blank and free for you to customize to match your need.

Download the 2nd version



On top of the pages, I leave a blank space for you to write down the current week (or decorate it as you like, of course) or to put important note about that week. The planner is undated so you can use it anytime; feel free to add the date on the boxes so you’re more aware of the current date. I also create a small blank space in the bottom part of the pages for you to write quotes if you would like one.

I hope you like the printables and it can be useful for you! I’ll love to hear your opinion or stories about your planning system, decoration, and organization. Stay happy and healthy. I’ll see you next time!






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