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An Update of My Life


Hey! It has been a long, long time since the last time I wrote here (and anywhere). So here I am taking my time to work on my blog again. It is currently 1:40 in the morning when I start writing this post and I have a lot of stories to share with you. So, enjoy!

First thing I want to share is about my college life. At the first few weeks being college students, we were busy with Introductory Program’s tasks and so on. However, at that time my seniors said that our college life will be busier than that. At first I didn’t believe them because even though our classes have started on September, but we didn’t have that many things to do and we still had a lot of leisure time. However, as we get closer to the end of this semester, I understand what my seniors were talking about. Life as a Prasmulyan is not easy. We have to manage our time and energy for a lot of things. And what I (and we all) believe is that this thing is what makes us different from other university. Our tasks are not simply making papers and presentation about theories. We are taught to practice what we have got in class and implement them in a practical way. We, even though we are still in our first year, are given the task to make a real business project, with a prototype. Some other tasks we have to do are business project papers, company survey, paper in Bahasa about business, English group presentation, and so on. However, I have been noticing that right now, making papers and doing presentations are not that challenging for us any longer because we are getting used to do them.

My home group.
My home group.

Aside from academic thingy we have to do in our college, we are also encouraged to be involved in any kind of organization or committee. In Prasetiya Mulya, we are given so many opportunities to develop ourselves. However, it is all up to us whether we want to take the chance or let them slip from our hands. Here, we have a lot of events held by our Student Board which are allocated well and organized. Almost every single month we have special events which are different one another. In order to be a part of the committee, we have to follow some steps of recruitment, which consists of Cover Letter and Curriculum Vitae selection, then followed by interview for those who passed the CV and CL selection. This, I believe, is to make us, Prasmulyan, get familiar with job interviews for the future. My campus also has some great organizations. Some of them are Student Board, AIESEC, The Blue Merchant, and Google Students Group. We also have SAC (Student Activity Club) and SCC (Student Community Club) like cooking, traditional dance, ICC (Integrated Communication Club), OWL (marketing club), and so much more.

Talking about myself, I am currently a member of AIESEC in Prasetiya Mulya and also a part of Google Students Group. I have applied for several committees but never passed the interview phase. However, I know that I am already busy enough for now and I understand that I have to consider a lot of things before taking more responsibilities.

What I have learnt so far being a student in Prasetiya Mulya are.. Wait, there are so many of them! 😀 But some most important things for me are time management, adaptation skill, budgeting, stress management, and taking opportunities.

So as what I’ve mentioned above, I am currently a member of AIESEC in Prasetiya Mulya and I feel that this is my family and my home in Prasmul. I probably are not close to all members yet, but I know that I am comfortable being surrounded with these people and I can share much to them. My functional are also doing great and bonded quite well. Oh, anyway, I am in Outgoing Global Community Development Program (oGCDP) functional as International Relation staff for Asia-Pacific. It has been so much fun being here and I haven’t see the reason to quit this organization, and I hope I can stay as long as I can because I want to give more to the organization, the people, and the surrounding as well.

AIESEC PMBS in Gala Dinner IYLC 2014
AIESEC PMBS in Gala Dinner IYLC 2014
My functional, oGCDP :)
My functional, oGCDP 🙂

Talking about AIESEC, we have just had our Local Committee President elected yesterday night. And the one who got elected is my current Vice President of oGCDP. I am so happy, proud, and challenged at the same time. I somehow feel motivated to take higher and higher role in AIESEC, yet I am still questioning the reason why I want it because I don’t want to just take higher role without any passion to do it.

Taking photo after the election
Taking photo after the election
Functional photo!
Functional photo session!

Other thing that makes me glad is that I found my friends here, not only in the organizations, but also in class. My classmates are cool! I mean, we often hang out together and just joke around, having fun together. I have a lot of fun being with them 🙂

Classmates :)
Classmates 🙂
They gave me a surprise on my birthday!

As much as I enjoy my new life here as a college student, I still miss my hometown, my high school friends, and of course, my family. Those beautiful memories that we created are so precious and unforgettable.

High school classmates
High school classmates
Besties: Cetacea
Besties: Cetacea

Another thing I miss is definitely debate. I am somehow sad that I can’t continue my debating journey, yet (I hope). Some of my friends have recently give an idea of creating a debating club here in our university but I haven’t hear more about that, so I am just hoping that I can continue to debate because for now, I know that it is my passion. Few days ago, I had a chat with my debating coach in high school, and we both are facing the same problem: not being able to continue to debate. He said to me a quote that hit me, “If you think drugs are addictive, try debate” It probably means nothing to you, but for me, it opens up all the memories we have in our debating journey. All the struggle, the hard times, the togetherness, the happiness, and all the craziness we did before. Debate has been a part of my life, and it will remain so.

Debate team, besties, family :)
Debate team, besties, family 🙂

Oh well, I have just noticed that I spent one hour writing this post, and I still have a lot of things to do, so probably I would end this post here. It is a long one, I know. But I hope it inspires you (maybe?) and I would like to share more to you next time! Stay happy and healthy, everyone! 🙂




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