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[Tutorial] Queen Elsa Inspired Makeup

[Tutorial] Queen Elsa Inspired Makeup

Hi! Today I’m going to share my Queen Elsa inspired look. It’s not that similar, by the way, but I hope you enjoy!

[Tutorial] Queen Elsa Inspired Makeup

  1. First, prime your eyes using eye primer or eye shadow base.
  2. Then pat a brownish purple eye shadow all over your lid and crease.
  3. Next, pat a bluish purple on your lid.
  4. Add your fake lashes.
  5. Line your eyes above the fake lashes and on your outer half lower waterline using black eye shadow.
  6. Apply rosy pink blush on your cheeks.
  7. Use hot pink lipstick on your lips. I’m mixing a cool-toned baby pink, reddish pink, and plum lipsticks.

You’re all done!

List of products I’m using:

  • NYX Eye Shadow Base in white
  • Fanbo Fantastic Eye Shadow Kit in Citra Pelangi
  • random fake eyelashes
  • Face on Face Nourishing Blush On in Blooming Rose
  • Just Miss lipstick (cool-toned baby pink)
  • Ratu Ayu lipstick (reddish pink)
  • Oriflame lipstick (plum)

Have you ever tried Queen Elsa Inspired look? How did it turns out? Tell me on the comment box below! 😀





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