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[Review] Etude Play Sugar Powder #192

[Review] Etude Play Sugar Powder #192 Hello, everyone! 😀

I’m currently having some days off from my college’s Introductory Program so here I’m back with a nail polish review. This one is Etude’s from their Play Sugar Powder line. I actually have had this for quite a while but I haven’t got the chance to try it. Let’s check this out!


[Review] Etude Play Sugar Powder #192

This nail polish from Etude House comes in a not-so-cute-but-not-bad packaging. It’s like their other Play line. What I found cute is the donuts and cupcakes printed on the bottle. On the cap, you can see the detail of the product. Unfortunately, I don’t understand Korean so I can’t translate it for you, sorry 😦

[Review] Etude Play Sugar Powder #192

On top of the cap, you can see the word ‘Etude House’ and their logo embossed. It’s lovely ❤



Well, I have some hit-miss relationship with Etude House’s nail polishes. I definitely love their color range, but somehow they need so many layers for the color be seen great. They’re totally sheer.

Something I don’t like from buying Etude Cosmetics online is, their picture is so different from the reality. I bought this nail polish along with my friends, and all of our nail polishes turn out to be different from the picture!

Mine is in color #192, so it supposed to be pink. But it turns out to be peachy pink, like #193, just not that orange. It’s a good thing I like peach, but it still disappoints me, though.


Like the line says, this nail polish turns out to have a rough finish, as if you have sugar or salt (or sand) nail art on your nail, just by using this nail polish. It’s a good innovation from Etude House, you know.

Oh, and for your information, the sand does not seem like sand in the bottle. At first I thought it was glitter. 😀


The original price from Etude House is KRW 3,000. It’s USD 2.95. But I bought it in an online shop with a price of IDR 39,000.


I love the innovation comes from Etude House this time, but somehow I’m still disappointed with its pigmentation. Other thing, I really suggest you to buy it in Etude House, not online shop since you can’t see what you’re actually buying. If it’s too expensive for you to buy on the shop, just see the color and number there and order online! :p





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