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Moving In

Hello everyone!

If you’re wondering why I didn’t post anything in past week, I was moving to South Tangerang since I’m going to continue my study here. My apartment slash dormitory is near my campus, even though it is expensive. Yes, it really is. It’s only around 5 minutes walking from my apartment to my campus and since I’m not bringing any vehicles with me, well, I guess this one will work.

Oh anyway, I’m going to Prasetiya Mulya School of Business and Economics, Business major. I hope I can do well here! Wish me luck 😉

Another thing I want to tell you is I don’t think I can post any reviews or tutorials for next few weeks since I’m going to have my Introductory Program and I guess I’ll have sooo many project to work on. I’ll try to write in my free time (if I have any) so please forgive my lack of updates in the future. I’ll also try to tell you guys about what I do during my IP, so that you know what it is like.

Stay happy and healthy, I’ll see you next time ❤




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