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[Tutorial] F(x)’s Red Light

[Tutorial] F(x)'s Red Light

Hello guys! Have you seen f(x)’s Red Light? It’s awesome! They have unique makeup concept, half done and half natural. I’m so impressed that they went out of the box. So, today I’m showing you a makeup tutorial to f(x)’s makeup!

[Tutorial] F(x)'s Red Light

1. First, prime up your face using moisturizer and BB Cream. Then conceal your imperfection using concealer.

[Tutorial] F(x)'s Red Light

2. For your bold eye (mine is my left), prime your eye using eyeshadow base or eye primer.

3. Next, draw a bold cat eye using black gel eyeliner, slightly bring it down to the outer part of your eye as well.

4. Then pat black eyeshadow on top of your eyeliner. Smudge it out slightly.

5. Take dark brown eyeshadow and put it above your black eyeshadow, making a smokey eye.

6. Line your inner lower lash line using white pencil liner. Blend it softly.

7. Put on your false eyelashes. Then line your eye with black liquid eyeliner. You can also use the gel eyeliner we use earlier, though.

8. Fill in your eyebrow using brown eyeshadow. Make the left (or right, if your bold side right) eyebrow bold.

[Tutorial] F(x)'s Red Light

9. For the other eye, line it using eyeliner (liquid or gel), slightly wing it out and blend it under your eye. Remember, don’t make the eyeliner too thick since we want the eye to be natural.

10. Line your lower lash line with white pencil liner from the tearduct until it met the black liner.

11. Put on your falsies. Then fill in your eyebrow also using brown eyeshadow, but make this side slightly more natural. Oh, your eye makeup is done!

12. Put on your peach-coral blush and slightly contour your face.

[Tutorial] F(x)'s Red Light

13. Moving to our lips, cover your lips with concealer.

14. Then dab on your lipstick, light on the outer part, and going bolder on the inner part of your lips, to make gradient lips.

And you’re all done! Here’s my final look 🙂

[Tutorial] F(x)'s Red Light

List of products I used:

  • Mustika Puteri Moisturizer
  • Silkygirl Magic BB Cream in 01 Natural
  • Pond’s Pimple Cover & Care
  • Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in 01 Black
  • Fanbo Fantastic Eye Shadow Kit in 01 Citra Pelangi (I used the black and brown for my eyeshadow)
  • Maybelline Master Liner in white
  • Evermate Eyelash Adhesive in Clear-White
  • My Darling Liquid Eyeliner
  • Caring Colours Luxurious Perfecting Blush in Terra Passion
  • Wardah Eye Shadow G (for contouring)
  • Viva Lipstick no. 24

How was it? I think I don’t look really similar to f(x), but I had a lot of fun re-creating this look, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Please leave your thought on the comment box below. Your comments are really appreciated ❤ See you on the next post!





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