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Moving to Pilates

Happy weekend, everyone! I’m going to share you my workout story here! 😀
So as what I have told you earlier, I was joining a yoga class twice a week. But somehow, these last two weeks I didn’t manage to come because of my schedule. And anyway, I didn’t really enjoy it as the first time I did it, though. I guess it’s because the physical exercise has been lessened and they came with more meditation movement which I don’t really like.
Fortunately, few days ago I found Blogilates on Youtube. She’s providing pilates videos and schedule. I thought to myself, why don’t I try this one? 🙂 Well, from what I’ve heard, pilates are somehow similar to yoga, but it’s focusing more on physical exercises and train your body. And I also have read that for those who haven’t familiar with meditation, it’s better to join pilates first, then moving to yoga when you’re ready.
Okay, so I’ve been starting Blogilates Beginner’s Calendar. Today’s my second day doing it. Actually, two days ago I’ve started with the Total Body Workout for Beginner, but since I didn’t have the Day 2 videos, and I don’t have internet connection at the moment, I decided to repeat it yesterday. And I started the Day 2 workout today. Well, today’s exercises are more focusing on training your abs, and my abs feel like dying. It was hard to workout after weeks without exercises. But I know I have to workout, and I want to strengthen my body too. I want myself to be fit and healty and I know I have to work it out.
So, yea, I guess that’s all! I will work my best to reach my dream body 🙂 If you want to start pilates, just go to Blogilates and look for the tutorial you want! Join me and tell us your story! 😀

Lots of love,


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