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[Tutorial] Leopard Nail Art


I’ve posted a picture of my diy nail art on my instagram last week, and some of my friends asked me how I created them. So here I post a clearer step-by-step pictures of it. I hope it helps you who want to re-create them.

  1. First thing you would do is to have a clear base coat. I’m using Help My Finger Milk Strong from Etude House. Make sure it dries completely before putting on another layer of nail polish.
  2. Color the tip of your nails. I’m using a silver nail polish, but you can always change the color to the color you desire.
  3. Make some dot using another color of your choice. I’m picking pink. The dots don’t have to be neat at all. You can have big dots and small dots on any area that you want.
  4. Pick a small brush and make the leopard pattern, covering the outer area of the dots you made earlier. I’m using black nail polish, but you can also have it in any color, contrasting from the dots color. To make it more natural, create small strokes or dots in other areas to make small-leopard-pattern look.

Tip: If you don’t have small brush, you can use toothpick or mechanical pencil.


Dip the tip of your pencil or toothpick to the nail polish (you can pour some on a paper) and draw in light strokes 🙂

  1. Give generous amount of top coat to your nails and you’re done!

P.S. Sorry about the low quality picture. I don’t know what program would work for making long grids and I end up using random application I have. If you have any suggestion, please let me know. Thank you 😉


Lots of love,



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