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[Day 11] 10 Favorite Foods

Talking about foods, my stomach suddenly growl. I’m hungreh gimme food! 😛 Okay, ignore that. These are my top 10 favorite food in alphabetical order!

1. Cheesecake


I love cheesecake! Oreo cheesecake, raspberry cheesecake, caramel cheesecake.. oh my! *drools* I love both baked and gelatin cheesecake.

2. Fried Rice

fried rice

The food that I will be able to eat anytime 😀 I like egg fried rice, seafood fried rice (okay I’m listing down right now) Ah! My school cafetaria’s fried rice is delicious! Miss that one..

3. Frozen Yogurt


My current favorite dessert! I prefer froyo rather than ice cream. Any flavor will be fine for me as long as it comes with fruits.

4. Ice Cream

mint chocolate chip

I scream for ice cream!!! *roar* I like mint chocolate chip and cappuccino flavor. It sends me to heaven when they tastes strong..

5. Milk


I know milk is not even a food, but I can’t live a day without milk. This is my breakfast ever since I was a little kid. I can’t eat whole meal in the morning so I prefer to drink milk. If I’m going to have my lunch late, I will take cereal though. But the point is I LOVE MILK! I also love soy milk 🙂

6. Ramen


I always drools when I hear this food. Imagining it making my stomach hungry again! <- this is making me fat, I know..

7. Salad


I just realized that it has been a while since the last time I eat salad. I like potato salad, fruit salad or just any vegetable salad which are fresh!

8. Salmon Katsu

salmon katsu

My favorite Japanese food! I love salmon, and I love katsu, too! Rather than salmon teriyaki or else, I prefer eating salmon katsu. Definitely love this food.

9. Schotel


I don’t know if I say it right (.__.”) Is it?

Well I like potato schotel and macaroni schotel. I don’t know what other kind is exist in this world lol

10. Sushi


Last but not least, SUSHI!! I don’t like raw sushi though.. I prefer cooked one. *stomach growls*

Well, that’s all my favorite foods. All pictures’ credit to google. Gotta get some food now! 😀





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