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[Day 9] What’s in Your Bag?

my bag and the stuffs inside
my bag and the stuffs inside

Hi, everyone! 🙂

Actually, I’m a girl who won’t go anywhere without my bag. I always carry it when I go anywhere to bring my stuffs. It feels weird when I bring none with me 😀

Well, I have several favorite bag, but this one is the one that I usually use. It’s small and easy to bring anywhere, unfortunately it only has one big pocket so I can’t separate my stuffs. So the things I always bring everywhere are my wallet, phone, keys, lip balm and oil blotting paper. That’s all! I just bring whatever else I need, if I need any. If I don’t then they’re the only things in my bag.

Currently, my favorite lip balm is The Body Shop’s born lippy in lychee. It has no color, only glitter, and it smells great! I love it so much. My oil blotting paper is changing all the time. I just take whatever available in the counter since I don’t really notice the difference between one brand and another.

My phone is never leaving my side! Sometimes I also bring my earphone and powerbank if I’m going somewhere for, like, hours. In case I’m bored or my battery is going down. If needed, sometimes I also bring my tablet with me because it has some application and documents or else which are only stored there.

Basically, the things inside my bag change based on what I need that day (and the bag, too)! What’s inside your bag?





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