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[Day 8] 5 Current Goals

Oh! I almost forget writing this post (sorry). I’m currently watching Asia’s Next Top Model season 2. Yea, I know I’m late haha

So here’s my top 5 current goals 🙂

1. Have a fit body. As you know, I’m currently joining a yoga club and I enjoy it. At first it was just because I haven’t work out properly this past few months, but since now I enjoy it this much, I’m setting a goal to have a fit and more athletic body 😛 I hope I can reach it. Fighting!

2. Finish my modeling class. Yes, you’re reading it right 😀 I also join a modeling class. Well, actually I only want to fix my posture so I would have straight figure. I also would like to learn how to walk properly in high heels because I will definitely walk in it a lot in the future.

3. Finish my education well. I’m right now waiting for the result of the national exam, and I wish my score doesn’t disappoint me and people around me as well. I also look forward to enjoy my time in university, learning many things about life. I will also take courses if I’m able to!

4. Work on this blog. I had some experience on blogging before, but it didn’t work well. I guess it’s because I don’t have any intention to work on it and I made it just because I follow my friends, I didn’t have any goal on it. I just follow the flow and yea I guess that’s it. Well right now I’m trying to come back to my writing habit which I had few years ago. I hope I can do this!

5. Improve my makeup and hairstyling skill. I’m interested in both and they’re completing each other so I guess I’m going to learn it all. I’m learning it through youtube, though 😀 But I think it’s a great source of beauty tutorial! Beside that, I’m also willing to improve my style back to my truest me!

So here are my top 5 current goals. What’s yours? 🙂 I’ll see you on tomorrow’s post.





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