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[Day 7] Your 5 Favorite Songs

Talking about favorite songs, well actually it changes all the time. I usually just like every single enjoyable songs. Here I will post 5 songs that has a deep meaning for me 🙂 The songs are Korean, anyway. Well, I hope you enjoy them! These are in random order, anyway 🙂

1. TVXQ! – Rise

This song is telling us not to stop and give up when we face problems and hard ways in our life. It tells us to get up again and have our faith to reach our dreams, not to give up and cry. The time you have your dreams reached by your hard work will surely come, so never stop trying to reach it.

2. DBSK – Rising Sun

Rising Sun is a popular song of DBSK. It talks about chaos happening in our world, and how we should stop it. It tells us that there are hope in every one of us, that we should not follow the wrong way of the world, and to be true to yourself, to follow your passion to find your source of happiness so your time will not be wasted and you won’t regret anything.

3. Super Junior M – Swing

This song also tells us not to waste our time, to have fun with your life (don’t stress your life!) and be the truest you and enjoy everyday. The world is under your feet, so no worries!

4. Super Junior – Marry U

This is the sweetest marriage song! It contains romantic promises which made me cry when I first listen to this song (well, the translation, I mean 😛 ) Just imagining it happens will make girls fly! haha

5. Donghae & Eunhyuk – Still You

This one is a sad love song. The man was left by the woman who are now already in another man’s arms but the man is still in love with the woman that he isn’t ready to forget her and move on.

Well, these are my top 5 meaningful songs. What’s yours?





One thought on “[Day 7] Your 5 Favorite Songs

  1. DBSK are definitely legends. The days of DB5K, Super Junior and SS501 were the best! Every song of theirs puts a smile on my face-even the sad ones, just because they sound so beautiful. I think for me, Loving you by DBSK was really hear-breaking song, so was CNBLUE’s Cold Love. I love Bolero by DBSK as well, and Ayo by SHINee, they both say you should take heart, listen to their beautiful voices and live on.

    -The Ace

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