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[Day 6] What Are You Afraid of?

Frogs? Nope. Insects? Nope. Spider? Nope. Darkness? Well, yes.
It’s not that actually I’m afraid of dark. It’s more like I’m afraid of ghost and stuffs. Just whenever I’m in a dark place, alone, I automatically imagine scary things and I can’t stop it. I usually just try to think of whatever not scary, but sometimes it doesn’t work. The thoughts just come up again and again.
Well, as far as I remember, I was afraid of ghost since long time ago. Every time I watched scary movies, which my daddy likes, I would end up having nightmares. Right now, the nightmare isn’t that disturbing anymore. But I guess it’s better for me not to watch scary movies, right? I still can’t handle it, anyway. Every time I and my friends go to the cinema and watch horror or thriller movie, I will end up shutting my eyes and trying not to listen to the sound effects 😀 Yes, I know it’s a waste of money lol
Beside of darkness and scary stuffs, I’m not afraid of insects, frogs, or bugs which, usually, is being afraid of by girls. I just never feel scared of living things like them. In fact, I sometimes find that they’re cute as far as they don’t do something harmful to us. They’re animal, like our pet! Why would I be scared of them? 😛
I guess that’s all I can say for now. I’m going to have an eye check up 🙂 Stay happy and healthy! I’ll see you tomorrow! (and yea I miss yesterday’s challenge)



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