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[Day 4] Your Dream Job

Talking about dream job, my mind wandered years behind. I did have many dream jobs, and it change quite fast!
In fact, from a little kid I was, I dreamed to be a fashion designer. But then as I grew up, hearing great occupations my friends wanted to be, my mind changed really fast. Just when I was in junior high, I came back to my dream to be a fashion designer. I drew sketches and collect them. I used my spare time, even at school, to draw fashion-thingy sketches. Just then, I started to know K-Pop, Super Junior at that time, and I fell in love with them. Not so long after, I met fanfiction world and I tried writing some. I learned how to use my imagination to make stories and I enjoyed that time pretty much. At that time, I added a new dream to my list of dream job: a writer.
Fun facts: I once wanted to be a doctor since it sounded cool 😛 but I guess not long after, I realized that I don’t want to put it in my dream job list. I can’t stand those activities of cutting human bodies and stuffs.
When I was in grade 10, all students were asked to write down 5 (if I’m not mistaken) their dream jobs. I left the 1st one on the list blank since I haven’t found my exact dream job at that time. Then I wrote “fashion designer”, and “teacher” since I was so passionate about mathematics at that time. I don’t remember what else I wrote down. But I successfully made my friends shocked 😛
Well, as time goes by, I joined debating club. I met supportive friends, I learned how to speak in front of public. I also learned how to think critically and how to express our arguments effectively. But the most important I learned from having debate as a part of my life is how I understand current condition happening in our world right now. I am now able to analyst things up to the cause, and down to the impacts, not perfectly though. I was really interested in Environomics (environment-economics) and I was always get absorbed into this world. Since then I realized that I want to take part on industrial world. I then started looking for faculties that will bring me there. After a lot of searching and asking, I found a faculty that suits me: business. And yes, I will continue my study taking faculty of business.
However, I have also considered about getting myself to pharmacy because I like chemistry and learning about health. Somehow I decided not to take it eventhough I’m already accepted there. But I’m still challenged to try to enter public university and I will try through SBMPTN. I plan to take Industrial Engineering in ITB and UGM. I guess I have to study hard to pass, but I will try my best.
My way is still unclear, but I can see the finish line clearly. I definitely know that I want to be an entrepreneur. I already talk about this on my “Day 1” post. But in brief, I want to make people’s living and help them to have a better condition in life. I want to help anyone who wanted to work. I want to help bringing my country to a better future.
I realize “to become entrepreneur” is not clear enough to define my dream job. As for now, I dream to have either a café, owning a clothing line (yes, that dream hasn’t die), or becoming a makeup artist.. or maybe all of them? Why not? 😛
So, this is all I can say about my dream job. One of my dandelion dreams ( I will work hard to make it comes true. Stay happy, healthy, and follow your dandelion dream! I’ll see you tomorrow *waves*



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