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[Day 3] Your Favorite Quote

Found this on pinterest. Credit to the owner :)
Found this on Pinterest. Credit to the owner 🙂

Actually I don’t have any favorite quote. I just take note and learn from all of them, and many stuck in my mind. But this one seems to have a strong impression on me (and I hope to you guys too :D)

What I learn from this one is a big thing. Yes, we’re all born an original, which means we are all different. We have our own plus and minus, other people have their own plus and minus. Basically, we are not the same, and we are not supposed to be the same. Today I watched many videos on Youtube about body image and social pressure’s effect to it. People tend to see the bad things about themself and this, will lower their self-esteem. Therefore, they try to follow the-perfect-image which is made by the society. The more they try, the more they fail, their self-esteem become lower and lower. This cycle goes around and never stops. However, this image they try to follow, is actually not that important. People see the positive side of you. We are NOT as bad as we think. We are A LOT better than that. Believe it. If you are confident in yourself, you will shine. You’ll be able to do what you’re passionate of. You’ll present the best sides of you. And by this, you will have positive aura, positive mind and positive attitude. You’ll attract positive people to stick to you too! 🙂

Just be yourself! Don’t listen to what society demand! You are wonderful just the way you are. Do what you wanna do, follow your passion, follow your dream and make it comes true 🙂 Stay happy and healthy! I’ll see you tomorrow!





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