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[Day 2] 20 Facts About You

Hello, May!

So, May has come and I can’t wait to spend my 31 days with excitement since there’ll be some memorable moments in May. Let’s list them down 🙂 My high school class (12 science 1) will hold a farewell party (I’m so sad that we’ll soon be apart), then I’ll have my prom night which, regretfully, I don’t know when and where.. But let’s just wait for the invitation to come and enjoy the night out! Around 20th-24th I’ll have the announcement of our national exam last month on 14th-16th April. I’m so nervous! The exam wasn’t going well, I can’t do many numbers and I guess I’ll just take whatever the result is.. just praying that I pass! >< On 26th I’ll have my graduation and then I’m ready for college!

Okay, I think I blabber too much now 😀 Let’s jump into the 30 day blog challenge! Today’s topic is “20 Facts About You” and here they are:

  1. I love K-Pop. I love Super Junior and DBSK (the 5 of them) so basically I’m a CassiELF and I enjoy it.
  2. I’m in love with minions! I wanna own them! Can I, Gru? *puppy eyes*
  3. I’m a perfectionist. My Jung personality is INTJ, by the way. I tend to do my best and push myself to my limit. If I don’t give my best, whatever the result will still bother me.
  4. I love nail art. I can’t live without them. I feel like it completes my look and it just satisfies me when I have cute and unique nails 😀 But somehow I currently stop doing it since my nails aren’t healthy anymore ><
  5. Food I like: frozen yogurt, mint chocolate chip and cappuccino flavored ice cream, Japanese foods (cooked ones, I can’t stand the raw fish), fried rice, and melted cheese *drools*
    Food I dislike: foods with coconut milk or strong spices, and onion.I don’t like onion! Esp. fried onion ><
  6. I love doing makeup. I can’t explain. I just love it.
  7. I enjoy making DIY project. It excite me on how it will turn out in the end 😀 It also amaze me that I can actually make things that I usually buy haha
  8. I collect shoes ♥ I know this is funny, but I think I can put my clothes and bags in a wardrobe and I need another one for my shoes .___.
  9. I usually wear either pastel color or monochromatic color. I love pastel color and I just can’t resist when it comes to pastel colored stuffs. And I also love monochromatic clothes because they tend to have more unusual look and I love unique clothes 🙂
  10. I rarely get my watch off my hand. But now I have to. It’s because my laptop has a wide bottom side (you know, under the keyboard) so if I use my watch it will scratch the laptop 😦
  11. I can’t choose between having a trip closer to nature or going to big city. Well, I’m living in a small city, and the environment is still quite clean so I don’t desperately want to go to somewhere to be close with nature. About going to big cities, well, I just feel like I don’t have the urge to spend my days around buildings all the way around. So usually I would be happy to go to anywhere on my holiday since I will enjoy both choice. I just need something new and interesting for me to try 😀
  12. I don’t really like wearing perfume or lotion with strong sweet flowery smell. I prefer fresh, fruity or mint in it.
  13. I currently join a yoga class twice a week. I feel like my body is going stiff because I haven’t done any real exercise for about a month (or more, maybe?) while preparing for my national exam last month. So I started joining this yoga class as soon as I finished all my school activities. As far as now, I actually enjoy doing yoga. It’s fun!
  14. I don’t like wearing accessories except watch. I used to wear ring when I was in junior high school, but after I enter senior high school, I don’t feel comfortable wearing it again. For bracelet and necklace, well, I have never been able to wear them regularly more than a month since I was a child 😀 I don’t even wear earrings!
  15. Although I take science class, I don’t like biology. Biology, for me, was enjoyable only on my elementary school days. After getting on junior high, I don’t enjoy it any longer.
  16. I enjoy reading (novels, comics, news, fanfictions :P)
  17. People think I’m tidy. In fact, well, not really 😛
  18. I love looking at the stars, though my parents prefer the moon instead. I just noticed it few days ago when looking at the night sky with my parents. They said the moon was beautiful, but I watched the stars instead 😛
  19. I don’t like being controlled. I like receiving advices, but not a demanding one. I work best with my own schedule and plan 🙂
  20. It’s not easy for me to talk about myself. It’s been hard listing down this 20 random facts about myself. I prefer being asked to, and I give them information that they need 🙂

Here’s 20 facts about me! I hope it can help you guys to know me better. Stay happy and healthy. I’ll meet you on tomorrow’s post! 😀

Much love,




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