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[Day 1] Your Blog’s Name

Here’s the 1st post of my 30 days blog challenge. It says “your blog’s name” and I just decided the name.. few minutes ago :p

So, the name is “My Dandelion Dreams” I’m pretty sure all of you know what dandelion is. I always remembered this quote I found on Pinterest. Beside a picture of a dandelion, it says: Some see weeds, some see wishes. It’s short, but meaningful. Well, I just love dandelion soo much! I wish someday I can go to a field full of dandelion and spend a day (or more) there 😀

First thing about dandelion that I adore is that it can survive through extreme weather, through the hottest summer and the coldest winter. It’s not easy to do so. I mean, in every situation that you’re in. Let’s learn from dandelion. Let’s adapt and keep surviving on life. Yes, there will be tough things happening, your way won’t be smooth and easy. Just remember, the beautiful pearl have undergone painful making process. The most worthy diamond have gone through the biggest pressure. But in the end, the hard times paid off. Painful memories, hard times, a lot of pressure, and the other extreme ‘weather’ in our life will never lead us to nothing. All our hard works will be worthy in the end. And hopefully, you’ll be the happiest worthy people in this world.

Second thing to think, dandelions are useful. From some articles that I read, it’s edible, and it’s good for your health. And not only for human, dandelion also brings benefits for the other plants surrounding, since it provides nutrients. For animals, well, since its flowers produce nectar, so yes it’s also useful for them 🙂 So basically, what I learn from this, is that we should be useful for others. We can help other people in need by giving what we can give, sincerely. Talking about giving, I remember Logos Hope. For you who haven’t know what it is. It’s a ship, owned by OM, which sail around the world (well, mostly third-world countries, I guess) holding a book fair for children, or adults, to reach for education which, probably, they can’t have easily there. They also give health services and other kind of services needed in where they go. Making a better place, and giving hope to the society. Their mission is beautiful, to bring knowledge, help and hope. I wanna go join them someday, and I hope I can bring hope for those people with what I have. I also want to take part on environment preservation. I don’t know how, but hopefully I will find a way 🙂 From this blog, I will share my thoughts, and I hope this can also be a media to help people..

Last but not least, after going through growing time and it comes the time for the dandelions to go and grow in other place. It can’t do it alone. Yes, the strong and useful dandelion can’t do anything without the help of the wind. Like them, we also can’t do anything if we never want to ask other for help. No matter how talented we are, there will be things that we can’t do alone. We have weak sides, and we can’t deny that. You can’t live your life well without the help of others. Just an easy example, you can’t provide your needs all by yourself, you need other people to provide it. Your foods, your clothes, your house, everything. Another example, a doctor, no matter how smart he is, he wouldn’t be able to tell what’s going on in his own body, in case he’s sick, without the help of other doctor. And they, also need great technology provided by others, too! So, next time you know that you need help, ask for it! 🙂 Just put a note in your mind that asking for help means you’re still involved it, with the help of others, not merely you ignore your responsibility and make other people do it ALL for you.

By “My Dandelion Dreams”, what I mean is that my dreams will be as strong and as useful as dandelions. My first and biggest dream right now is to become a great entrepreneur. By being so, I would like to have an industry (doesn’t have to be huge, though) that can absorb many human resources, and I plan to make job vacancy which can be applied by all people, any age, any educational level, any economical condition, and any physical condition. Why? This is because I want to help the living of many people, to make them better, for a better future. Other than this dream, I, of course, also dream of having good grades at school and college, and make my parents proud of me. I also want to be able to make a living by myself, and be responsible of myself better. Not to forget, I also want to be a good friend for everyone 🙂 Simple dreams of me, eh?

Well, I guess that’s all I can say for now. Let’s learn from the small dandelion and fight for our life! Sorry if there are any grammatical error(s). English is not my 1st language :p Stay happy and healthy, I’ll see you tomorrow 🙂





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